Here is the updated list. Please get me your credits if you want anything else listed other than whats here, there is time I will let everyone know when final call is and that will probaly be this week. Thank you again for your donations

1. Hush NILE

2. A new song DQT
3. Promises to keep Concrete
4. Conversations with God"
5. Words by Robert T Sells, the Anointed Poet Music and background vocals by Spike Rebel
6. Confirmation spice poet
7. Just shine kamal imani
8. How can we live award the poet
9. Compatible ... Sum-Thyng Like a Poet featuring B-Star from the UpRite Lions ( and vocalist/ songwriter Johnny's Daughter
10. Trouble_Mind_Mx__Lyriq_&_QuietStorm_Of_SpokenWord_

11. Kamal Imani_Child of the Most High_Dancehall Version
12. Soft Bullets Performed/Wirtten by ChampThePoet Produdced By Champ For LLP Productons
13. Soundly DQT
14. Song Concrete
15. Rest warrior NILE
16. Free by lady kadija
17. God I’m confused Spellman brooks
18. Freedom by Tshombe Sekou


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